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Quattro Zero.

  • Falper Quattro Zero Bathroom Furniture

Quattro Zero by Falper:

Giving new meaning to considered bathroom design.

Quattro Zero redefines the essence of lightness in the bathroom. Utilising the premium Italian composite material Ceramilux, Falper have been able to achieve a collection with extraordinarily considered detail, including 4mm thin washbasin edges and tops featuring unique drip guard profiles. The integrated cabinets, with perfected 45° bevel mitre joints, feature shelving and drawers with seamless push open Blum mechanisms for ample storage.

The collection is available in a vast array of combinations and a variety of finishes and is complimented by modular wall hung cabinetry.

Continue on to get the in depth design story behind the collection or see our pre-configured Quattro Zero cabinet and basin solution.

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Quattro Zero.

Falper Quattro Zero Form

Compact precision: Achieving fine detail in your smaller-footprint projects.

It's a strange design binary that the smaller the space, the more precise the detailing needs to be. When every square centimetre matters, the attention to each and every surface, edge, joint and fixing is paramount. The product needs to be so highly considered that the design works doubly as hard as something more luxurious in size.

But this is not always the case.

Bigger projects often mean bigger spaces, bigger products – and bigger budgets. Often, the best research and technical development goes into the feature products that can only be selected for the most high-end (and high-cost-per-square-metre) projects.

Falper's Quattro Zero achieves a level of detail that is normally reserved for more specialty products. A 4-millimetre ultra-thin basin profile in the unique Ceramilux material, drip-proof countertops and 45° edges and joints are key features that this compact range offers to smaller-footprint projects.

Regardless of the physical size and budget, each of your projects – and clients – deserves the same level of attention to detail and Quattro Zero responds to this need for design democracy. It means that there is never a need to compromise on quality or finish – whether you are working with your biggest client, or your smallest, a repeat customer or with someone for the first time.

Furthermore, the range enjoys the benefits of all of Falper's leading position in the market, with the superior quality and track record that the Italian brand enjoys. Additional features such as push-pull opening cabinets and soft close drawers, handles in metallic chrome and matte white and extensive configuration options make the Quattro Zero a well-rounded option for your project.

Meet the Makers:
Fattorini + Rizzini + Partners

Falper Quattro Zero Maker - Fattorini + Rizinni + Partners

The product is greater than the sum of its parts.

A truly holistic vision.

Milan-based Fattorini + Rizzini + Partners has Italian roots with an international vision. The studio, which has worked with companies all across Europe and the USA, consists of a team of talented young designers led and coordinated by Chief Designer Robin Rizzini.

Earning an international reputation for their unique approach to furniture design, which is marked by an Italian touch and supported by intensive R&D activities with materials and processes, the studio have garnered numerous international design accolades including the Interior Innovation Award – Best of Best 2014, Winner of The Furniture Design Category – Azure Awards 2013 and the XXIII Premio Compasso d'Oro 2014 ADI.

We sat down with Robin Rizzini to find out what inspired them to create Quattro Zero and get some in-depth knowledge of how this collection and this partnership came together.


What are the challenges of designing a more compact bathroom furniture piece? What are the benefits?

"A big challenge I have to say! Nowadays in big cities houses are getting smaller, in particular, the rooms destined to the intimate activities like bathroom and bedroom, whereas it is preferable to have the larger space in the living areas. However, the requested functions are the same and for this reason, the bathroom elements have to be 'smart'."


Why is it important to create good quality, intelligent products in a compact size?

"Especially because space is small, the quality of both (material and design) must be very high to render a sense of functionality, simplicity and luxury. You do not have to feel that little space implies less quality, less functions or less value."


How do you create the sense of space & luxury when confined by dimensions?

"By working on very accurate details and using better performing materials."


What is more important in achieving this and why – the overall concept, the material or the detail?

"We usually start designing by thinking about the overall concept: the effort is to design a product that fits in different interiors without losing its DNA."


What is your perception of Falper and what was your design approach for a brand like this?

"The partnership between Falper and F+R+P started in 2014 as a result of Falper’s desire to collaborate with an Italian design studio specialised in furniture and with expertise in the use of solid surface materials. This gave birth to a lively and spontaneous discussion that led to the desire to develop a project that would exploit the potential of these techniques and decorative materials. We share with Falper the same values: attention to design, details and product quality."

Get to Know
Quattro Zero.

Falper Quattro Zero Function - Features

The Quattro Zero collection hosts an abundance of exceptionally refined features:

  1. Compositions made up of independent bases with 45° bevelled edges and joints
  2. Internals finished in exclusive Matt Grey lacquer
  3. Washbasin edges and countertops with drip guard profile
  4. Open shelving in 10mm thick Solid Skin timber
  5. Various washbasins in Matt Ceramilux engineered composite
  6. Adjustable high capacity wall connections with scratch-proof safety system
  7. Blum Legrabox soft-close drawers with built-in stabilisers


Quattro Zero is available in an extraordinary selection of sizes, compositions and finishes. From one and two drawer cabinets, to various basins, countertops and open shelving, there’s sure to be a configuration perfectly suited to your next project.

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