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E-Flush Urine Sensing Urinal Flush Valve Kit

Code: 118042

Brand: Rogerseller

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Product Information
Operating at a low water volume of 0.8 litres per minute as standard, the Sanitron E-Flush Urine Sensing Urinal Flush Valve Kit is a mains operated, smart-demand urinal flush valve that electronically detects urine within the trap, maximising water efficiency. Suitable for box rim urinals, E-Flush also has a choice of selectable flush programs which can optimise water savings even further.

The E-Flush sensor, attached to the waste trap, automatically detects when urine passes through the urinal, and when programmed on the standard "Everyday Mode", will flush 0.8 litres 10 seconds after use.

By way of a magnetic janitor switch hidden on the bottom of the urinal, three flushing modes can be selected. "Everyday Mode" - which will flush at 0.8 litres 10 seconds after every use; "Efficiency Mode" – in periods of low usage, the unit will flush as per the everyday mode, and when usage suddenly becomes high the unit will automatically flush at short flushes of 0.6 litres per use; and "Stadium Mode" - for constantly high usage applications, the unit will detect the initial use, and will then flush 0.8 litres after the 3rd user or after fifteen minutes, whichever comes first.

Also included is an overflow protection which prevents spillage in the case of a blockage and a Janitor's Automatic Flush every 48 hours when no usage is detected.

Combine with the Vitra S20 Urinal (118040) for a complete solution.
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Waste Outlet Configuration
P and S-Trap
WELS Stars
6 star
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In Wall
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WELS Rating
6 Star - 0.8 Litres/Flush per Stall Urinal
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