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a moment with Claybrook

With over 30 years of experience in the stone industry, Claybrook specialises in combining the finest materials with an innovative approach to design, uniting the quest for physical balance and beauty with a true British understanding of quality and craftsmanship. A combination of in-house production and partnerships with highly specialized artisans results in a truly authentic product.

Claybrook - Rogerseller
The final finish process completed by the original artisan who began work on the bath.

Interview with Emily Green, Claybrook

Emily Green is Marketing Director at Claybrook. Known for combining the finest materials with an innovative approach to design, Claybrook bathroom products are familiar in their reference to the past, yet unique in their timeless appeal. Here, Emily talks to us about the Claybrook brand and what it can bring to the Australian market.

Could you please tell us how Claybrook was born. Including a bit about how the company all started and how the brand name Claybrook came about?
Claybrook is a global leader in the manufacture of decorative stone products. Our success has been driven by a focus on the beauty of the raw material. We are thrilled to be bringing our MarbleForm bathware to the Australian market with Rogerseller. Claybrook bathware is a marriage of technical excellence with a truly natural touch and feel. Claybrook is a family business and the name was inspired by our great grandmother’s heritage home in Camps Bay South Africa perched on a cliff overlooking the Ocean, which we felt embodied the timeless elegance of our aesthetic.

What does the Claybrook family look like in terms of skills, culture and values?
At Claybrook quality comes first. All of our products are hand finished by skilled artisans and we have carried these artisanal principles forward in to our industrial production facilities.

If you had to sum up Claybrook – what would be your elevator pitch?
Claybrook is an eco friendly bathware brand utilizing recycled marble to deliver beautifully hand-finished products.

How would you describe the signature design aesthetic or philosophy of Claybrook products?
We refer to our design aesthetic as timeless. Whether you are interested in a simple organic form or a more traditional re-worked roll top bath, our products do not date. In incorporating our bathware in to your home you are making a lasting investment.

Claybrook - Rogerseller
Each bath and basin produced by Claybrook is polished by hand.

"With all the beauty of natural marble but the enhanced technical properties of an engineered product. This is how MarbleForm was born."

Emily Green, Marketing Director at Claybrook

Your production facilities and processes are extraordinary. In particular the development of Marbleform, as a by-product of your mosaic tile workshop is noticeably impressive. Can you give us a little insight into how this came about and whether your facilities and processes have evolved much over time?
MarbleForm is a recycled by-product of our decorative stone business. We were generating a large quantity of stone dust and were paying for it to be ethically disposed of. It occurred to us that we could use this by-product to produce moulded stone ranges with all the beauty of natural marble but the enhanced technical properties of an engineered product. This is how MarbleForm was born.

What do you feel clients love most about owning and experiencing a Claybrook bath or basin?
As well as deliver cutting edge design our product engineers focus on the usability of the products such as the height and slope of a basin to reduce splashing, the height of a bath for the user to step in to without strain, the interior gradient of a bath for the comfort of the user. In addition, the use of recycled marble enables you to have a natural bathing experience with the properties of stone such as heat retention and the warm tactile feel of the surface when compared to synthetic materials.

What sets Claybrook apart from the competition?
We own and control every process of production from the creation of moulds, to the refining of raw materials in our facility, to the polishing and final custom packaging of each product to ensure they are delivered in perfect condition. This attention to detail honed over 30 years of manufacturing experience sets us apart from the competition.

Claybrook - Rogerseller
As the artisan completes the final finish process they look for imperfections within the product.

"Attention to detail honed over 30 years of manufacturing experience sets us apart from the competition."

Emily Green, Marketing Director at Claybrook

What do you feel Claybrook can bring to the Australian market?
It would be arrogant to assume we can teach something to the Australian market as we have been so impressed by the sophisticated Australian design community. We think our products would fit in well in Australia as we focus on things that are important to the Australian design community and consumer, such as the quality, environment and design.

What has been the most rewarding moment or achievement at Claybrook?
Seeing our products featured in some of the worlds top hotels as well as selected by leaders in the design community has been incredibly rewarding for us, and as a family business it has reaffirmed that people like what we are producing which is very humbling indeed. The refurbishment of the Mandarin Oriental in London where Claybrook bespoke baths were created for the guest rooms was a very proud moment indeed.

What do you see in the future for stone bathroom product? Any exciting plans at Claybrook you can share?
We are constantly evolving and responding to what our customers want. Our design team are currently working on a range of patterned and textured bathware inspired by the Japanese woodblock printing tradition, which will be released before the end of the year. Watch this space!

Bespoke Claybrook Marbleform baths were supplied for the refurbishment of the Mandarin Oriental, Hyde Park London. A milestone within Claybrook’s story.
Claybrook - Rogerseller
Original Claybrook design sketches.
Claybrook - Rogerseller
Perfectly cut pieces of stone used for Claybrook mosaic tiles.
Claybrook - Rogerseller
A total of three days polishing is needed to produce the Claybrook quality.
Claybrook - Rogerseller
A laser edging device used to engrave the Claybrook logo found on each bath and basin.
Claybrook - Rogerseller
Finished Claybrook baths waiting for quality checks and packing.
Claybrook - Rogerseller
Artisan inspecting each individual piece of a stone mosaic tile before passing it on to the next stage of manufacturing.