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Enter: Catalano Green, the world's first ‘green’ washbasin.

Inspired by nature and Catalano’s eco-friendly ‘Think Green’ philosophy, the Green collection is an organic meeting of Catalano’s passion for sleek, elegant design and its innovative new production technologies.

The washbasins feature thin edges allowing for the maximum use of space, as well as a continuous curve in its design to prevent stagnation in water flow. The smoothness of the form also paves the way for more efficient cleaning – Catalano ceramics have all been treated with the revolutionary Cataglaze, which prevents dirt from sticking to its surface.

Catalano’s significant developments in the production of ceramics, along with a dedication to their ‘Think Green’ sustainable production model, has resulted in the first-ever truly ‘green’ washbasin.

In Pursuit of

Cataglaze: A revolutionary ceramic glaze.

Catalano’s legacy of quality ceramics with aesthetic design stems from its dedication to investing and producing solely in Italy for nearly half a century. Each product is conceived, designed and produced to ensure an inimitable standard of excellence. From using the world’s very best Fine Fire Clay ceramic, to expertly hand-finishing every piece off the production line, Catalano continue to push the ceramics industry to territories previously uncharted - and the Green collection is no exception.

Green, alongside every new Catalano piece, is now finished with a revolutionary, high-performance glazing process, Cataglaze. An innovative treatment pioneered and patented by Catalano, Cataglaze is applied during the production process, which then blends at 1250°C with the ceramic itself. The result is a glaze that's decidedly distinct from traditionally treated surfaces, with a guaranteed lasting and immutable brightness for the life of the ceramic. Cataglaze produces a perfectly smooth finish by minimising surface porosity, eliminating micro-depressions and making it 100% impenetrable and 100% bacteria-proof.

The Cataglaze glazing technique:

  • Does not deteriorate
  • Does not lose brightness
  • Preserves perfect smoothness
  • Has a lifecycle as long as the ceramic itself
  • Provides a 100% bacteria-proof barrier
  • Facilitates quick and easy cleaning
  • Reduces use of harmful detergents
  • Reduces pollution waste released into the environment
  • Increases the resistance to aggressive chemicals

When Thinking Green
is More Than a Slogan.

‘Think Green’: A philosophy at the heart of Catalano’s production model.

Catalano launched its ‘Think Green’ campaign in 2013, and since that day, has made it a core tenet of its production model and philosophy. As a progressive, forward-thinking organisation, Catalano is always striving to improve the performance of pre-production, production, transportation, use, and recycling phases in the production cycle, and ‘Think Green’ was their catalyst for putting words into action.

Catalano Green is the culmination of Catalano’s vigorous pursuit to create a ‘lifecycle designed’ collection, combining its signature aesthetics with its ‘think green’ philosophy.

The concept of the ‘Lifecycle Design’ is carried out through Catalano’s commitment to planning production phases as much as possible, while constantly innovating to reduce waste and minimise environmental impact.

One of many significant achievements to grow from ’Think Green' is Catalano’s ongoing investment in solar energy. In October 2015, Catalano installed an additional 3000 PV panels to its already substantial solar investment, raising its independently produced energy from 3% coverage to 25% coverage of Catalano’s total energy requirements. Catalano is looking to extend this output to 49% in the near future.

Catalano’s ceramics also incorporate Cataglaze technology to extend the lifecycle of the product, as well as the latest water-saving technologies to lessen environmental impact. During the production cycle, ceramics created with small defects are broken down and recycled, from the glaze, to the brass, and the ceramic mixture itself. Recyclability, reusability and reduction of resources, are the core principles of the ‘Think Green’ philosophy.

In recognition of their unrelenting commitment to thinking green, Catalano have qualified for the vigorous ISO 14001 Environmental Management Certification, and in 2014 they garnered the GrandesignEtico International Award for the Green Collection - an honour bestowed to ground-breaking, innovative design with an ethical and eco-friendly production process.

Get to Know
Catalano Green.

The Green collection is carefully crafted with Catalano’s signature eye for quality, aesthetics and functionality:

  1. Manufactured with the world’s best Fine Fire Clay ceramic
  2. Cataglaze finish creating a cleaner, 100% bacteria-proof finish
  3. Continuous curves to avoid water stagnation and improve ease of cleaning - reducing the need for harsh chemicals


  1. Multiple taphole options on the wall hung variations
  2. Soft, organic lines accompanying slim edges facilitate complete use of the basin’s capacity


  1. Optional chromed brass towel rail available on wall hung variations


Green's classic design and flexible installation options make it a perfect fit for your next project. All washbasins in the collection can be bench-mounted, while three offer the additional versatility of wall hung installation.

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