With passion for recyclability, reusability and material reduction, Valcucine kitchens are testament to the fact that eco-friendly solutions can exist side-by-side with quality, technology and elegance.

For over thirty-five years, they have consistently focused on wellbeing, innovation and timeless designs – made to last.  Their innovations have turned the world of kitchen design on its head, presenting functional solutions that make everyday experiences effortless.


Valcucine White Kitchen


Valcucine Black Kitchen


The use of recyclable materials such as glass, metal, stone and timber facilitate their eco-drive. Their Artematica kitchen door was the first in the world to have a 100% aluminium structural frame, making it 100% recyclable while their Invitrum base units were the first in the world to be 100% recyclable, consisting of glass and aluminium.

Through material reduction, Valcucine have reduced the weight and thicknesses of their doors over the years, presenting sleek designs that are lightweight and better for the environment, while maintaining its premium quality.


Valcucine Wood


Valcucine Glass


Valcucine Aluminium


Each kitchen is built by mechanical composition, meaning it can be dismantled and re-assembled should the user move, saving not only money but also ensuing the re-use of materials.

The company holds 4 certifications for environmentally conscious practices, including ISO14001, FSC®, F4 Star Standard and LEED®.


Valcucine White Kitchen V Motion


Setting aside their environmental commitments, Valcucine’s combination of autonomous, motion-sensor and mechanical movements all work smoothly and seamlessly to ensure user comfort. The Equipped Back and Air Logica modules provide clever equipment storage to ensure everything is on hand and tidy in an instant.  Unique to Valcucine, the innovative V-Motion function utilises subtle hand movements to activate kitchen functions such as mixer tapware, opening and closing doors and changing light colour and brightness, bringing the kitchen to life.

With V-Motion, the back panel becomes a cloud of light. The user can choose between a range of static colours, or the system can follow the circadian rhythm – with a bluish light in the morning that prepares for the day’s activities, to a warm light in the evening that stimulates the production of melatonin for a peaceful sleep.


Valcucine V Motion


It’s clear that Valcucine’s commitment to not only user well-being, but environmental well-being has been considered, incorporated and perfected. With every kitchen design, movements, heights, weights and depths are planned to perfection, resulting in functional designs that make everyday experiences effortless and drive user freedom.


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