Let’s face it, the real party happens in the kitchen. This is especially true of the holiday period, when families get together to create feasts for each other. There’s no driving force like the anticipation of a meal shared with friends and family.

Valcucine Kitchens has spent 30 years revolutionising kitchen design and turning it into a high art. 

“A Valcucine kitchen is a testimony to quality, innovation and timelessness. Valcucine is pushing the boundaries of what a kitchen can be made from.” Min Tian, Co-founder of DND Studio.


The iconic Italian company puts people at the heart of their process. The aim is to stimulate the senses and bring joy to everyday activities. Valcucine crafts kitchens that meet the functional needs of those who use them while also delivering breathtaking style. 

Their kitchens are dynamic and adapt to the needs of the user. The height, weight and depth of all elements are adjusted to meet the ergonomic checklist of seamless functionality. This brings a sense of ease and lightness to the kitchen. 

“Working with Rogerseller and Valcucine Kitchens was a seamless and worry-free process that complemented this project very nicely. The kitchen greatly added to the value of the homes we have carefully and thoughtfully designed.” Tahlia Kossen, Interior Designer of Bergman & Co. 

Your Valcucine kitchen will play with light, space, silence and weightlessness in delightful and completely unexpected ways. Diffused light adds warmth and open glass shelving gives a sense of floating. 

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