At Rogerseller, sustainability is imbued into every item we develop, produce and sell. We believe that innovation and creativity unify to create contemporary homes that are good for both the user and the environment, and is reflected in our brands' efforts to reduce their environmental impact.



With brands such as Catalano creating green lines that are centred around superior quality, sustainable bathroom and kitchen products make everyday functions simpler. Catalano's motto is “Think Green'' and they've been pursuing sustainability and respect for the environment in all stages of their production cycle. Catalano use raw materials without risk of toxicity and solar panels generate one-quarter of their total energy requirements. Their manufacturing plant has low noise and includes a closed-loop wastewater recycling system while their production processes facilitate the maximum reduction of volatile fumes and pollutants released into the atmosphere. 

Impressively, their Cataglaze+ patented glazing method creates a total bacteria-proof barrier thanks to the use of Silver Titanium ions that actively fight bacteria. The glaze blends with the ceramic itself, creating a perfectly smooth and flat surface, further negating the possibility of bacteria buildup, presenting their products at the highest standard, with no chance of discolouration.




Driven by the need to reduce the waste of their mosaic tile business, Claybrook’s bathware business, and particularly their MarbleForm material, was born. MarbleForm products are manufactured in a low impact, emission-free production process and utilise the leftover marble from Claybrook’s tiles. The company uses environmentally sustainable products, materials and manufacturing methods wherever possible to significantly reduce and improve the brands' environmental footprint. 

All Claybrook products can be recycled and they use a unique wet polishing method, which incorporates water, making it healthier, cleaner and safer as dust particles do not become airborne, plus it results in a finer, smoother and superior finish.





With products that are finished by the hands of craftsmen and artisans, Falper's use of natural materials such as marble, certified ecological timber panels and water-based, natural oil and wax wood finishes, embodies what sets sustainable designs apart. 

Falper uses Ceramilux and Cristalplant, engineered composite materials consisting of natural minerals and natural resin, resulting in a soft tactile feel, anti-yellowing characteristics and superior durability and resistance to stains and heat. Products are quality-assured, reducing the need to replace items, while they are also completely recyclable.





Fantini products adhere to the most stringent standards to safeguard consumer health and are certified Lead-free. A key finish for Fantini, Stainless Steel is a compact and solid material that offers the highest resistance to corrosion and is particularly hard-wearing and durable while facilitating maximum hygiene; it is also a recyclable material.


Fantini also offers specialised PVD finishes across selected collections.  Physical vapour deposition (PVD) describes a variety of vacuum deposition methods which can be used to produce thin films and coatings that keep the surface unaltered. PVD finishes have a low environmental impact; they are free from hazardous materials and produce no hazardous waste. PVD finishes are also more long-lasting and hard-wearing than traditional electroplated coatings.





Valcucine Kitchens are the epitome of sustainability-driven innovation. Valcucine was the first kitchen manufacturer to obtain the ISO 14001 Environmental Certification. Their products and manufacturing processes respect the four fundamental rules of eco-compatibility; dematerialisation, recyclability, durability and reduction of toxic emissions.

Valcucine Kitchens are designed to be stain, light, impact, scratch, heat and water-resistant, with tests conducted on every material before it becomes part of the Valcucine material selection. Products are made using recyclable materials as much as current technology permits, and all components are labelled clearly for recognition when discarding. 

For more information on Valcucine Certifications and Initiatives, click here.

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