David Cook-Doulton has garnered a well-deserved reputation for breathing new life into historic homes. Lyon house is no exception. Form and function merge and the history of the building is elevated by contemporary additions. 

Ballarat, VIC


Design & Interiors by David Cook-Doulton.
Photography by Myles Formby.


Originally built in the 1880s, this country getaway has gone through many transformations. Beginning life as a stately country home during Ballarat’s golden age, it was totally remodelled in the 1920s, including the facade which was reinterpreted into the popular villa style of the time. 

Cook-Doulton has resurrected the building’s Victorian-era features while respecting later additions and adding contemporary flair. It’s a delicate balance that plays light and dark elements off each other to dramatic effect. Says Cook-Doulton: ‘Our holiday home Lyon House in Ballarat has a uniquely masculine feel with this play of light and dark.’



In the three luxurious bathrooms, the designer chose Rogerseller products to continue the heritage look with modern flair. Polished concrete floors and floor-to-ceiling charcoal tiles create a striking backdrop for a simple black marble basin and Rogerseller tapware.

The use of the Arq ii tapware with its beautiful graphite finish perfectly suited the textual finishes of our three retreat bathrooms.’ Says Cook-Doulton, ‘Style, function and form along with quality are integral in meeting our guests needs.’

In fact, Rogerseller has had the pleasure of working with this ground-breaking designer for many years. He continues:

We have been using Rogerseller products for a number of years over different projects. There are two qualities that we look for in bathroom products: design and durability.

With fashion accommodation, it is integral that the product not only looks fantastic but it performs perfectly. In the 10 years we’ve been using Rogerseller products we have not had one failure. This level of performance gives you confidence and has created well earned loyalty to a brand.


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