The Fukasawa collection is a tapware collaboration between three giants of design. 


Founded on the shores of Lake Orta in northern Italy, Fantini have been tastemakers in designer tapware since 1947. The pop-art inspired I Balocchi collection of 1977 became the company’s award-winning calling card and brought Fantini to the forefront of premium tapware design.


Now they’ve partnered with the boundary crossing Milanese design firm Boffi to create the AboutWater collection, in collaboration with some of the most exciting designers and architects from around the world.



The Fukasawa capsule is a striking example of what happens when the greats work together. Naoto Fukasawa is one of the most influential industrial designers in the world. His mastery of minimalist forms and pioneering philosophies has helped shape modern design access the globe. For AboutWater, he has created a luxury line of tapware and showers that is elegant, refined and achingly modern. 



With breathtaking precision, Fukasawa melds early tech nostalgia with modern elegance. Harnessing disks and cylindrical shapes that are reminiscent of the dials on a stereo, this design creates sloping silhouettes and bold shapes. 


Bringing in Fukasawa’s industrial nous, the collection is coated with a superior PVD (Physical Vapour Deposition) finish – it’s harder and more corrosion-resistant than coatings by electroplating. 


This iconic collection is a must-have in a luxury bathroom of the 21st century.


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