The Eccentric range shouldn’t work, but it does. At once sharp and soft, this collection of tapware and accessories brings together design elements that are sometimes like oil and water. 



Circular shapes play against crisp lines and classic restraint is given a wry smile.

Eccentric delights in subverting the unspoken expectations of tapware forms. Nothing demonstrates this more than the Eccentric Progressive Wall Mixer. We took a regular mixer and knocked it off-centre. Literally. 



Designed by Rogerseller and manufactured in Australia, we pushed the axis of this piece down and to the left. As the user turns the dial, an unexpected back plate is revealed. When they turn it off, the backplate progressively disappears until it is fully hidden once more. 



Eccentric by Rogerseller received the Red Dot Award: Product Design and a Good Design Selection in the Good Design Awards.

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