A journey of discovery

Every kitchen is unique, but the incredible Skyhouse featuring the Valcucine New Logica kitchen is truly spectacular. Full of hidden features, this stunning minimalist kitchen takes the user on a journey of discovery, slowly revealing concealed features, appliances and luxurious details with every touch.


“The kitchen simply looked like joinery until you pulled down the reveal. And what a discovery. Sink, drying rack, lighting, power points, and more”.

- Client


With incredible 270 degree views across the Melbourne skyline, this contemporary kitchen celebrates the landscape in a subtle and understated way. Staying true to the clients’ brief, the kitchen takes a pared back approach in terms of overall aesthetic. Neutral colours and timeless materials become the perfect backdrop to the stunning skyline reflection and it’s only when the kitchen is in use that the attention shifts from the views to the kitchen’s bespoke features.





Apart from the pristine views, the combination of 3m glass panels, the best of Italian-made design and the kitchen’s immaculate versatility makes this magnificent space really special and the project truly unique.

A combined vision of the interior designer and owner were encapsulated by the kitchen design team at Rogerseller, who created a modern and minimalist kitchen in this unique location. With tiny details like wooden trim on the rubbish drawer and thin edges on the joinery, every element of this kitchen is state-of-the-art.

Unlike most kitchen installations, for this special project, the kitchen was craned into place, ensuring its immaculate arrival at the property in the sky.

Open communication, unique solutions and collaboration were key to the success of the project.

"We became a strong design team by putting forward considerations that are always valuable during the design phase to help realise the best possible use of space, practicality and an overall flawless aesthetic appeal".

- Renée Woolridge, Interior Designer




Ensuring a clean, clutter-free space, perfectly designed for modern living, was essential to the client, interior designer Renée and the kitchen experts at Rogerseller. In order to give the impression of endless space, the team utilised a range of innovative solutions including concealed mechanisms and a captivating featherweight action of lifting panels of glass to reveal the kitchen workspace.

“With one simple action the clutter of appliances is revealed behind the glass splashback. Understated materials and finishes combined with concealed mechanisms and large counterweight hinges make lifting a 3 meter piece of glass featherweight. So many details without being fussy, or even visible!

- Renée Woolridge, Interior Designer

Simple, clean lighting, elegant modern taps and bespoke joinery were used to create a stunning space for cooking and entertaining. By communicating, collaborating and innovating, this incredible kitchen matched every requirement the client had. The true magic of this kitchen is in what you don't see, with hidden appliances, bespoke mechanisms and reflective glass panels to make sure focus is always on the incredible location.


Materials and finishes:
New Logica - Gloss Airforce Blue Glass
Doors - Matt Airforce Blue Glass
Island Back - Stainless Steel
Benchtop - Absolute Black Flamed Brushed Stone
Pantry - Soft Finish Autumn Grey Laminate

Interior Design - Renée Woolridge
Rogerseller Melbourne - Michelle Sterling
Photography – Leon Schoots