A bath is the ultimate self-care destination and Claybrook baths are made with unrivalled care.



A star of our portfolio of European Collections, Claybrook exemplifies quality, craftsmanship and sustainability. For 30 years the British company has been building deep relationships that compliment their in-house skills to create luxury baths and basins.


Each piece in the Claybrook collection is hand-finished – the masons spend over 60 hours polishing them to perfection in a 4 stage process. Claybrook’s craftspeople are masters in their field, turning raw stone and natural resins into baths that are works of art.


The raw stone, called MarbleForm, is made from the by-product of Claybrook’s mosaic tile business and reconstituted marble, meaning that it’s eco-friendly, organic in feel and easily moulded. These baths have incredible shapes and long, sloping forms that are at once contemporary and classic. 


By owning and controlling every step in the production process, Claybrook artisans can dictate their exacting standards from start to finish. The strong, reliable relationship between Rogerseller and Claybrook ensures our ability to deliver this in-demand produit with reduced lead times for standard and custom orders.


Claybrook baths come in more than 26 colours. Some of them are natural and neutral, others are vibrant and modern. The all-new terrazzo finish will be one of the most popular for 2021. 


Each colour comes in 3 different finishes of varying roughness. The most organic is the Natural finish that has a highly textured feel. The Honed finish is smooth and easy – perfect for whites and greys in a porcelain look. The High Honed finish is highly polished and a dream when paired with terrazzo or marble. 


When you’re indulging, you should do so in a bath that has been crafted with the level of care you give yourself. Starting at $4995, Claybrook's freestanding tubs are made to suit a variety of spaces, styles and budgets.

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