Whether you’re designing a new bathroom for yourself or a client, choosing the right tapware is essential. Tapware must not only meet the functional demands of a room, but it must also inject character and cohesively bring all design elements of the environment together. If you are unsure what style of tapware is right for your design project, read our guide below.

1. Progressive mixers

Unlike standard tapware, progressive mixers allow you to conveniently and efficiently control both the temperature and the water flow in a single movement. This energy-saving mechanism negates the use of warm water unless it is consciously selected and allows a user precise control over water pressure and temperature by simply moving the dial.


Progressive Mixers


The Eccentric Progressive Mixer has a quirky and futuristic aesthetic and can be bench- or wall-mounted; the latter particularly useful when bench space is limited.  Similarly, the Pinch Progressive Mixer is a wall-mounted mixer that features a functional handle that has both an industrial style and a practical purpose.

2. Basin sets


Basin Sets


For a traditional look, 3-piece basin sets are created to offer a tactile and familiar experience. The Icona Classic Basin Set by Fantini is a modern interpretation of a timeless classic, prioritising comfort and ergonomics and achieving a soft, sensual design that is timeless. If space is not at a premium, wall-mounted 3-piece sets are available such as the Lissoni Wall Mounted Basin Set. The set capitalises on simplicity, offering a clean and simple design.


Mare Wall Mixer & Outlet


2-piece wall sets are also another great option to capitalise on vanity and bench space. The Mare Wall Mixer & Outlet has a clean-cut handle and simple lines, representing a new era in mixer design.

3. Traditional single control mixers


Traditional Single Control Mixers


If one-handed functionality appeals to you, particularly in the current climate when hygiene is of high importance, a traditional mixer may offer the harmony you are looking for. Traditional mixers, such as the Arq ii Basin Mixer is a simple and understated design with modernism flowing between form and function, creating a tap that is both intuitive to use and eye-catching in appearance. Another uniquely designed mixer is the Fukasawa Single Control Mixer. Also utilising progressive cartridge technology, the mixer and outlet are combined in a most unique way and is reminiscent of the controls of a stereo.




If you’re searching for something cylindrical and clean, the Fantini Milano Basin Mixer  represents an interpretation towards the future of tapware design and is suited to any modern bathroom. New to our range, the Tonic Gooseneck Basin Mixer is designed and manufactured in Australia, boasting a functional one-piece bench mount for those searching for a classic, but timeless design.

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