A home of dynamic proportions and elegant details, Centennial Park Residence is an estate refurbished to reference the craftsmanship of its conception. 

Centennial Park, NSW                                                                            

Interior Design by Isabelle Harris.
Architecture by Jonathan Spicer Design.
Photography by Dominic Loneragan.

The classic curves in the stone columns, windowsills and internal archways set a timelessly elegant base for the final aesthetic. And, although included in the recent design, the detailing found in the benchtop, vanities and joinery pay homage to the bones of this historical location for an essence of fluidity throughout the home.

The placement of each new modification was determined based on their ability to bring a contemporary lightness to each space, while respecting the original design. Brass accents on the marble benches and similarly toned Brushed Gold tapware for the bathrooms added a touch of 21st century luxury to the allure of this 1908 home. The revised designs made for a space epitomising the synthesis of old and new.  

Our Eccentric tapware collection was the ideal choice for such a home, upholding the idea of unconventional design in unexpected places. Designed by Rogerseller and fully Australian Made, Eccentric by Rogerseller pays homage to the quirky genius of the greatest minds in history; a fitting choice in a location originally playing host to the Arts and Crafts movement.

Refined functionality, Caldera sinks sit atop vanities made from Carrara stone - a fundamentally strong material, resistant to heat and easy to clean, while pairing exquisitely with the marble flooring.

"I find myself returning to Rogerseller for the quality, international and Australian design, as well as the contemporary aesthetic that is across their range of products.”

- Isabelle Harris, Interior Designer.

But sophistication does not stop at the bathrooms. Original parquetry floors follow through the ground floor and into the kitchen and dining spaces, with subtle modern lighting hidden out of sight to maintain the classic nature of the home. A space to thrill all who visit, this Centennial Park residence is an evolved classic. 

Arts and Craft meets contemporary elegance at the Centennial Park Residence.