Italian ceramic manufacturer Catalano has been a leader in the field for over 50 years, and their most recent innovation sets a new standard for quality and function.



With Cataglaze+ Catalano uses chemical compounds found in silver and titanium to create a high performance composite glazing that has antibacterial properties and is a dream to clean.



The laboratories at Catalano’s headquarters north of Rome have long been the birthplace of elegant solutions to perennial problems of daily life. Cataglaze+ is their most exciting development yet.



Under the microscope, this finish is far smoother than other glazing, which makes it less porous and harder for dirt and other nasties to latch on. This also makes Cataglaze+ resistant to limescale and protected against most harsh chemical products. Not that you’ll need to use them, because this finish needs less water and less detergent in cleaning.



Besides being easier to clean and whiter than traditional glazing, Cataglaze+ features a powerful antimicrobial action. Here’s where we get a little nerdy.



When bacteria come into contact with it, the silver and titanium microparticles in the Cataglaze+ surface penetrate the cell wall and cause lysis, or cell breakdown. Now that’s a toilet bowl that we can get excited about.


All Catalano products come with Cataglaze+ as a standard.

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