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Creating a Tailored Bathroom Solution Without the Hassle


Architects, designers and home renovators all appreciate bespoke solutions, but how do you achieve a tailored solution without the hassle that comes with such a luxury? Read how our latest furniture collection can achieve just that!

Using prebuilt bathroom furniture is one of the easiest and quickest ways to finish a bathroom design without the frustration that comes with finding a local cabinet maker, or waiting on lead times. Basin, storage and cabinetry are all included within the solution. Simply purchase and pass over to the trade expert to install alongside the rest of the bathroom fixtures.

However, buying prebuilt has its limitations! You need to conform to the dimensions of the product, at times resulting in a compromise in overall design. Typically, the basin only comes in one finish and shape, offering no flexibility to the aesthetics of the furniture.

Caldera by Rogerseller overcomes these issues! Designed by Rogerseller in collaboration with Italian partner Falper, the furniture allows for an interplay between stone and timber, invoking a sense of natural harmony within the space it inhabits. The collection is made up of three hero pieces that can be used together or separately, alongside the Caldera by Rogerseller basin collection to create unique solutions. Let’s take a moment to meet the modular family!



The floating wooden tops are available in Oak and Burnt Walnut and champion the collection. Designed to perfectly compliment the range of Caldera stone basins they can be used as a standalone piece or together with the rest of the caldera furniture collection.



The handle less drawer in a distinctive Matt Rain finish, creates a clean and minimalist aesthetic that provides warmth to any bathroom environment. The option to place two drawers side by side creates an impactful design while maximising storage space within the bathroom.


Open Shelf

Continuing with the interplay of stone and wood, the open shelf allows for a warm natural touch to the furniture solution. Used alongside the rest of the collection or individually to create bespoke wall shelving solutions. Available in both Oak and Burnt Walnut the shelf seamlessly integrates with the benchtop.


Caldera Basin Collection

Integrating perfectly into the wooden benchtop the Caldera basin collection introduces stone to the design. Resulting in the sensual interaction between stone and timber.

Now that you have met the family. Let’s see how simple configurations can be built with the same elements.

For smaller spaces combine all elements together for a seamless balance of convenient storage and contemporary design.


When flexibility is needed in width, install the benchtop as floating and use the drawer and open shelf (if needed) to continue the bench space and provide symmetry to the area.


If space isn’t an issue combine two drawer units together to create design grandeur and maximum storage.


Once you have decided on your configuration select a basin to introduce the sensual feeling of stone to the design.


The above is only a teaser of the possibilities available. Book an appointment with a Rogerseller Sales Consultant to discover more configurations here or peruse through our preconfigured range of Caldera by Rogerseller furniture here.







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