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Natural Elements

The Perfect Match of Attainable & Luxurious: The Buckland Alexandria


Striking the balance between luxury and liveability is a challenge for any designer, home-owner, builder or developer. In fact, it’s what most people aim for – getting the most out of resources so that a product delivers satisfaction, both in a visual and economic sense.

This balance has been achieved beautifully in The Buckland Alexandria residential project by developer Colin Walters. As one of the Sydney’s most interesting inner-city suburbs, Alexandria has an industrial past that is transforming into a thriving residential, commercial and cultural hub. Filled with history and character, it is attracting professional, creative residents who are savvy in an aesthetic, and also a financial, sense. (more…)


New Natural Elements finishes collection. Inspired by nature.


Imagine the warm lustre of sun-ripened wheat, the cool composure of a steely sky, or the rich blush of autumn leaves. Inspired by the colours of the environment around us, our new Natural Elements collection of finishes captures the textures and hues of raw, organic materials. (more…)

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