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Extraordinary Ideas

Eccentric Showers Shortlisted For The INDE.Awards 2019


We’re pleased to announce that Eccentric Showers by Rogerseller has been shortlisted in this year’s INDE.Awards in the category of The Object. The Object is granted to the region’s finest in modern industrial design. It celebrates how objects work, what they signify and how they function for the needs of people.



Mysteries of Desire


The image of the Siren is one of the most powerful in Western art and cultural history. Alluring, sensuous and even dangerous at its core, the notion of the Siren or femme fatale as an impossibly seductive force has, throughout the ages and art forms, proven one of the most transcendent and troubling allegories for seduction and desire.




Limitless - Blue Zones


US author Dan Buettner’s discovery of a global patchwork of ‘Blue Zones’ suggests that there’s far more to living a long and fruitful life than diet and genetics.


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