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Extraordinary Design & Art

Inspired by great minds that defy convention


Designed by Rogerseller and developed in partnership with Australia’s leading manufacturer Ram Tapware, Eccentric by Rogerseller pays homage to the quirky genius of the greatest minds in history.



Milantrace All Wrapped Up!

MilanTrace Talk Series Dana Hughes

A big thank you to everyone who attended our Milan Talk Series Event, presented by Dana Tomic Hughes of Yellowtrace. It was fantastic to see our showrooms in all cities buzzing with design enthusiasts and to share an in-depth journey of inspiration direct from Milan. Take a look below for all the snaps from the Sydney, Melbourne, Brissie and Perth evenings.

To those who could not attend the live review (or those who did!), we are thrilled to share the world’s first interactive digital magazine (& video series) dedicated to Salone Del Mobile and Milan Design Week – ‘Milantrace Edizione 2014’.



Monika Sosnowska: Regional Modernities at ACCA

Monika Sosnowska Regional Modernities

Im sure it’s no surprise to many of you to hear that we like art. We like fine, contemporary, design, architecture, dance, film and anything in between, and especially pieces that merge disciplines. Which is why we’re excited about the current exhibition on display at the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art in Melbourne. It’s the first major showing of internationally acclaimed Polish artist Monika Sosnowska in the southern hemisphere, following her recent site specific commission for Central Park, New York.

Originally trained in fine arts but renowned for her psychologically charged architectural installations, Sosnowska has created a series of works that will span across all four of ACCA’s galleries. Each work reinterprets or offers a counterpoint to the large, angular interior of the gallery. The furthest corner of Gallery 4 will feature an oppressive concrete bunker, and Gallery 3 will become one of Sosnowska’s famous ‘institutional corridors’ – having the illusion of distance, but the reality of being far too narrow to enter without crawling.

Influenced by the changing social, political and architectural landscape of her native Warsaw, this exciting exhibition is not to be missed. The exhibition runs until Sunday September 20th 2013.

Check out ACCA for more info.


Architects of Seduction


Architecture can be said to function on a plethora of tenets and impulses. Buildings, structures and design objects work to engage, inspire, evoke and, in some cases, overwhelm. Rarely, however, can it be said that a structure or object possesses the ability to seduce.



Mysteries of Desire


The image of the Siren is one of the most powerful in Western art and cultural history. Alluring, sensuous and even dangerous at its core, the notion of the Siren or femme fatale as an impossibly seductive force has, throughout the ages and art forms, proven one of the most transcendent and troubling allegories for seduction and desire.



Hearts A Flutter

Hearts a Flutter - Bowerbird

The dance of courtship is one of love’s most sophisticated, exacting and important rituals. Attracting and holding the gaze and stoking another’s imagination and desire are at the heart of this heady game. Whether premeditated or unconscious, seduction rests in the strategic release of cues and information: a smile, a glance, a fragrance, a flash of skin, a hint of one’s taste, predilections or material wealth. It is the grand reveal – the manner by which we offer ourselves, or at least a heightened image of ourselves, to another – and it cannot be underestimated. Without it, the crux of desire, love and companionship  cannot be filled.


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