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From a Spacious Property to a City Apartment

Studio R_Shelley St_0A8A6695

The owner of a joinery company who had previously lived on an expansive 5-acre property surrounded by ample farmland made the decision to move his family into the heart of Sydney city, and into a significantly smaller 3 bedroom apartment. Conscious of the significant lifestyle change this would provide for the residents, architect Sam Rigoli of Studio [R] worked seamlessly with the owner to create a new family home, far away from home. (more…)


A calming indoor/outdoor design experience in Bay View, Perth

Bay View House Craig Steere Architects 2
In Perth’s Mosman Park, the Bay View House is striking in the distance, with its suspended second floor extending out and over the open plan ground floor. Supported primarily by a sculptural column, the lack of immediate walls, and the glass panelling create a welcoming entrance point to a house that is sheltered by a dominant cube above. (more…)


The Perfect Match of Attainable & Luxurious: The Buckland Alexandria


Striking the balance between luxury and liveability is a challenge for any designer, home-owner, builder or developer. In fact, it’s what most people aim for – getting the most out of resources so that a product delivers satisfaction, both in a visual and economic sense.

This balance has been achieved beautifully in The Buckland Alexandria residential project by developer Colin Walters. As one of the Sydney’s most interesting inner-city suburbs, Alexandria has an industrial past that is transforming into a thriving residential, commercial and cultural hub. Filled with history and character, it is attracting professional, creative residents who are savvy in an aesthetic, and also a financial, sense. (more…)

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