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Aboutwater: An undisputed partnership

AboutWater Tapware

Water is one of the essential elements we’re made of. An integral facet of both our personal and work lives, it’s the thing that makes the bathroom-world go round. Acknowledging the same passion and commitment to water and the ways in which it is delivered to its users, Fantini and Boffi joined forces to develop Aboutwater.

The Aboutwater collaboration celebrates water through the use of modern, elegant design and superior quality materials that adhere to the highest international standard to safeguard consumer health.

Both companies have achieved undisputed leadership in their respective industries, thanks to excellent production qualities, a high level of creativity and a strong international profile. Despite their international presence, Boffi and Fantini preserve their passion for superior craftsmanship and the inheritance of their artisan origins, making this enthusiasm their key point of difference.

Aboutwater products are manufactured under strict practices, utilising the highest quality materials. Their products don’t contain lead higher than 0.25%, complying with US standard NSF/ANSI 372, which is currently the most advanced international standard to safeguard consumer health.


Discover our Aboutwater collections:

AL/23 (Lissoni)
Designed by world-renowned architect, art director and designer Piero Lissoni, the collection is simple in shape and easy to use. It recalls the basics of fountains and industrial engines, engineered to be practical, tactile and efficient.

AF/21 (Fukasawa)
Designed by one of the world’s most influential designers, Naoto Fukasawa, the iconic collection is in the shape of discs and cylinders, reminiscent of the controls on a stereo.

AF21_93_A204WF AF21_A113A+A113B AF21_B004WF AL23_13_B004WF AL23_D013A+B413B


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