by Rogerseller

Designed by Rogerseller and developed in partnership with Australia’s leading manufacturer Ram Tapware, Eccentric by Rogerseller pays homage to the quirky genius of the greatest minds in history. Albert Einstein’s bizarre habit of picking up used cigarettes, Nikola Tesla’s daily toe exercises and Yoshiro Nakamatsu’s oxygen depriving deep dives are acts that tell of the individualism, wonder and curiosity found in many great scientists, explorers and inventors, and the rebellion against convention that defines them.

With its axis uniquely positioned off-centre, Eccentric by Rogerseller embraces quirky genius in its mixer design by progressively revealing an unexpected back-plate featuring cold and hot indicators when the handle is turned to an open position. Once the handle is returned to its closed position, the unconventional back-plate is hidden once again.

The mixer can be wall or bench mounted and used across basin, bath or shower applications and can be complemented with Eccentric wall mounted bath or basin outlets for a universal aesthetic.

Eccentric by Rogerseller received the Red Dot Award: Product Design 2017 as well as a Good Design® Selection in the Good Design Award 2017

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