Sustainability & Innovation - this is the driving force behind Valcucine, the revolutionary Italian kitchen artisans who, for 30 years, have been turning the world of kitchen design and manufacturing on its head.

Acclaimed for their cutting-edge design, unprecedented ergonomics and superior engineering, Valcucine have also brought sustainability and environmental respect to the fore of kitchen manufacture. With care and passion for recyclability, reusability and material reduction, Valcucine kitchens are testament to the fact that eco-friendly solutions can exist side-by-side with quality, technology and elegance.

Air Logica

Ergonomic and Functional

Valcucine’s Air Logica System is designed to improve interactions in the kitchen space with equipment on hand with complete visibility. The Air Logica System maximises the storage of the base units by incorporating a deep panel design and clever use of motion sensors, to create enhanced storage and ergonomic functionality.

The completely customisable Air Logica back module ensures that kitchen equipment is on hand while maintaining cleanliness by concealing plumbing and electrical connections. The depth of the Air Logica and ingenious door design, creates spacious storage not seen in a Valcucine back panel.

The Air Logica System epitomises Valcucine’s inventive kitchen design, by incorporating lighting into the back panel to ensure all accessories are visible and the dedicated compartments favour order and organisation.

“The Air Logica System is beautifully designed with clean lines and a door, that slides silently upwards like sunrise on a serene morning. The ability to customise the door and the accessories mean the kitchen space is individual and unique to one’s style.


The kitchen comes to life.

Unique to Valcucine kitchens, revolutionary V-Motion enhances kitchen interaction by creating the sensation like no other and bringing the kitchen to life. The clever V-Motion utilises subtle hand movements to activate kitchen functions such as mixer tapware, opening and closing doors and changing light colour and brightness.

Genius Loci

Timeless Functional Design

Reminiscent of antique desk design, the Genius Loci incorporates handcrafted embellishments and innovative drawer design.

While at the forefront of functionality and expertly crafted, the Genius Loci maintains a refined sophistication of a timeless aesthetic. The elegance of the clean lines is impervious to fleeting design whims and is built to last a lifetime.

Meticulous research into materials and functional elements of kitchen design shows in Genius Loci. The Flush fitting drawer system transforms the base unit to offer unique functionality while maintaining sophisticated styling.

The Genius Loci draws, doors and worktop edges are all rounded for safety and guarantees ease of cleaning. Genius Loci has the added element of textured surfaces that creates a tactile experience and sense of joy with every use.

New Showroom Displays

Innovation for life.

Experience Air Logica with revolutionary V-motion and enjoy the charm of Genius Loci, at the recently renovated Valcucine displays in the Melbourne and Sydney showrooms.

The innovative Air Logica System is the pinnacle of function and storage in kitchen design. Dedicated to kitchen organisation, the Air Logica utilises Valcucine's clever features including V-Motion; a motion sensor activated door and lighting function and a deeper equipped back accessories panel to exploit space and maximise ergonomics.

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