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Lema - Exquisite Italian Design for Slow Living.

A strong tradition of craftsmanship is reflected in every collection, every piece of furniture and its extreme attention to product quality: this is Lema, this is its identity and its philosophy.

For over 40 years, Lema have designed and manufactured a comprehensive range of home furniture, always paying close attention to the care of the product during all phases of construction - from design, through close collaboration with world-leading designers, up to the final steps of production. And it's in this attention to quality that resides the essence of Italian design and the extraordinary way in which Lema interprets it. All Lema pieces are linked together by a common thread - comfort, the philosophy of slow living and the harmony of the interior.

The sophisticated and timeless collection of Italian wardrobes, shelving systems and home furniture by Lema is now on display in our exquisite Melbourne and Sydney showrooms.